Terry Crews and Old Spice (and you!) make music together

This is just so impressive while still being a ton of fun. Stay till the end! It’s a keyboard drum machine. SAUSAGES!

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First Look: Ultimate Teaser Trailer from Jon Hamm


WHAT A TRAILER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comedy Bang! Bang! Starring Jon Hamm, Ed Helms, Jack Black, Zach Galifianakis, Seth Rogen, Will Arnett, Weird Al Yankovic, Andy Richter, Reggie Watts, Casey Wilson, Michael Cera, Colin Hanks, David Cross, Gillian Jacobs, Todd Barry, Nick Kroll, Topher Grace, Pauly Shore, Jon Heder, Brody Stevens, Will Forte, Scott Aukerman, Chris Parnell, Brett Gelman, Seth Morris, Matt Besser & David Ferguson…

Directed by: Jefferson Dutton & Chris VanArtsdalen (The Birthday Boys) and Produced by Scott Aukerman 

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ICYMI: Lazy Sunday 2



“Beastie Boys filmed an unreleased musical performance of “The New Style” for the aborted 3rd season of “Chappelle’s Show” in late fall 2004. It was on a boat in the East River, NYC. Rest in Peace, Adam Yauch. You were excellent.”

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Thanks for putting this out, Neal.

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Anonymous said: are you planning to go see 'the beatles: the lost concert' film?

I am

I’d be all over this Coachella line up.



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I’d be all over this Coachella line up.




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Yes please.

I don’t know how long I can go on watching his on screen deaths.

People won’t reblog this cause they don’t want their blog to look as ugly as their heart.

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Rian Johnson is the best


‘Looper’ Trailer - The new film from Rian Johnson

In the futuristic action thriller Looper, time travel will be invented - but it will be illegal and only available on the black market. When the mob wants to get rid of someone, they will send their target 30 years into the past, where a “looper” - a hired gun, like Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) - is waiting to mop up. Joe is getting rich and life is good… until the day the mob decides to “close the loop,” sending back Joe’s future self (Bruce Willis) for assassination. The film is written and directed by Rian Johnson and also stars Emily Blunt, Paul Dano, and Jeff Daniels. Ram Bergman and James D. Stern produce.

RIan Johnson just won the internet today…and 30 years from now.

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Bill Murray sings and dances to Olivia Newton-John’s Physical on Letterman, 1982.



Bbq hangout sesh (Taken with instagram)

Bbq hangout sesh (Taken with instagram)